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C-Capture Ltd utilise their extensive knowledge of CO2 (carbon dioxide) based chemistry and engineering, to develop a bottom-up approach to designing solvent systems for the removal of CO2 from gas streams.

CO2 is considered to be a ‘greenhouse gas’ and its release into the atmosphere is one of the leading contributors to global warming.

C-Capture‘s proprietary technology aims to remove or ‘scrub’ CO2 from large scale point sources of gas emissions. This is important for a broad range of commercially and environmentally relevant areas.

Our technology also provides a highly effective low energy approach for the removal of CO2 from methane gas streams, particularly biogas from anaerobic digestion (AD) and landfill. Such upgrading of biogas is very important to increase the methane content to levels suitable for renewable energy applications, including electricity generation, as a transport fuel and for injection into the gas grid (C-Capture GSU).

In larger scale applications, when installed on power stations or other industrial gas emitters, our technology has the potential to capture the CO2 in a form suitable for storage, and prevent it from entering the Earth’s atmosphere (C-Capture CCS).

C-Capture has developed and patented novel low cost and energy efficient solvents that selectively capture CO2 as it passes through. Once the CO2 has been ‘captured’ it can then be released as a pure stream and transported for safe, long-term storage or used in other manufacturing processes.

The low cost and high energy efficiency of C-Capture’s solvents also help minimise the cost of CCS implementation and makes electricity generation with CCS a much more affordable environmentally friendly process.

C-Capture Ltd is a spin-out company from the Chemistry Department at the University of Leeds.

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