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Data Scientist / controls & database expert

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Line Manager:
Caspar Schoolderman

HR Contact:
Helen O’Brien

About C-Capture

C-Capture designs world-leading chemical processes for the capture of carbon dioxide.

C-Capture has patented a unique, solvent-based technology which offers a safe, low-cost way to remove carbon dioxide from emissions using a post-combustion capture approach. Our technology can help deliver the carbon emission reductions which are essential if we are to avoid the worst impacts of the currently unfolding climate crisis.

C-Capture is a spin-out from the University of Leeds, and recent investors include IP Group, Drax, and BP Ventures. Since the summer of 2018, we have expanded the team from 5 to 24, including a crop of extremely talented recent chemistry and engineering graduates who have quickly established themselves as key members of the technical team. The business systems support team is also expanding as we transition from a mostly R&D based organisation to one on a firmly commercial footing, as we work to deploy our unique technology across a broad range of industrial sectors.

This job position is part of the company growth strategy to expand the technical team and expertise.

Job Description

Role and Responsibilities (required)

  • Building and maintaining SQL (Structured Query Language) databases for different projects (text, string binary, create databases and tables, adding columns, user management and access control, managing read write access, link tables together to draw data from different data sources, table hierarchy to minimize data duplication, integration of SQL databases with different software packages such as PowerBI, migrate data sources form other software sources)Ability to train the wider team on databases and data structures to improve their data handling and data analysis practices. 
  • Lead organisation-wide training sessions on different technologies used for seamless collaboration between employees.
  • Collecting and cleaning data from different software used by C-Capture
  • Working alongside different departments to build dashboards using PowerBI that measure and track vital KPIs.
  • Being able to scope the data structure for different projects. Working with customers to understand their needs to advise the best database structure that is fit for purpose.
  • Collaborating with chemists and engineers to build python code that supports their analysis needs. (Pandas, numPy, Xlsx writer, Matplotlib, For loops, If loops, Creating bespoke functions. Understanding classes and functions.)
  • Work with the E&I team to map the data from the PLC/SCADA system to the SQL data tables.
  • Perform acceptance testing to ensure data translation from PLC to database is correct.
  • MQTT experience for real time data gathering and visualization. (Moves the data processing logic from the PLC to the database.)

Role and Responsibilities (nice to have)

  • Experience of machine learning – Supervised and unsupervised learning techniques to look at previous data and trends to predict future experiment and project results. Understand the causation between different data reading and the results.
  • Use Tensor Flow (Used by CCL) / Py Torch to build a neural network  for object detection on an image.
  • Experience with cloud services such as Microsoft AZURE, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform. Ability to perform activities (Machine learning, PowerBI, SQL Databases) on the cloud without having to invest in hardware. Allows for easy project initiation. The project can be easily scaled using cloud services and increased bit capacity. Comes with data security built in. Robust to data loss. Firewall can be put in place allowing restricted IP address access to database. Setting up access permissions – read and write access.
  • Understanding of data security for local and cloud services. Setting up two factor authentication.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

A relevant degree in a quantitative discipline (Engineering, Maths etc.) – Masters preferred

Preferred Skills

  • Proficient in Python, PostgreSQL, GitHub (place for storing and hosting code, manage code and collaboration) and PowerBI.
  • Good understanding of Data Engineering and data pipelines
  • Experience of working in the engineering industry / clean energy sector is preferred but not essential
  • Ability to communicate clearly with internal team members and stakeholders

How to apply

Please email with your CV and Cover Letter.

Closing date for applications is 5pm 17th December  2021