The C-Capture Team

C-Capture Team

Tristan Fischer

Tristan Fischer has been working in energy infrastructure for over 20 years with a focus on low carbon and renewable energy.

He has been the CEO, Chairman and or board director of a number of private and public companies. Previous companies include Camco, where he provided energy efficiency solutions for the coal, steel and cement sectors, Shell Renewables Hydrogen & CO2 and Shell Technology Ventures, where he had multiple roles, and Citigroup Project Finance, where he financed coal, natural gas and IGCC power stations. Current directorships include Lumicity Ltd, a solar and biomass energy company, FishFrom Ltd, an onshore salmon and shrimp company, and Fischer Farms, a hydroponics company. He has an MA (Hons) from Cambridge University.
Richard Dennis

Richard Dennis is a Chartered Engineer with 32 years track record in the Energy industry.

Richard was formerly Director of Research and Development for Doosan Babcock Energy Ltd where he was responsible for boiler development and investments into new technologies including those associated with CO2. Richard spent his early career in various engineering roles predominately in the design and supply of environmental equipment for the control of NOx and SOx on boilers used for electricity generation. In the mid 1990s he became General Manager of Engineering at Mitsui Babcock being responsible for all engineering associated with the building of new coal and gas fired boilers power plants. Richard has been a Non Executive Director for a variety of other environmental business focused companies over the last 5 years.

Richard has a degree in engineering from Leeds University and an MBA from Cranfield Business School.

Chris Rayner

Chris Rayner is Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Leeds.

He is a synthetic organic chemist and is currently Head of Organic Chemistry. He has over 15 years’ experience in alternative solvent technology/green chemistry, particularly the utilisation of CO2 as a reaction medium and in post reaction processing. Particularly noteworthy contributions include the development of solvent tuning for optimization of reactions in supercritical CO2, and the development of new materials and systems capable of reversible capture of CO2, which are being commercialised through C-Capture. In addition to his academic interests, Chris also has substantial commercial expertise.
Caspar Schoolderman

Caspar Schoolderman is Director of Engineering at C-Capture.

He is a chemical process engineer, with over 10 years’ experience in designing, building and operating pilot production/research rigs for determining the feasibility of chemistries, processes and parameters for scaling up. Caspar’s career started with TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. During his first 7 years at TNO, Caspar was project leader of various projects for the Defense and Space markets and responsible for a research pilot production line for various energetic materials. After this Caspar worked for Hexion, now Momentive Specialty Chemicals, for 3 years as a process research team leader. The focus of the work here was to determine mass transfer and reaction kinetics of various gas-liquid reaction systems using custom built reaction set-up. After this Caspar was general manager at Dispersia Ltd for 1 year. Here he was responsible for designing, building and operating of a pilot production line for nano dispersions.
Douglas Barnes

Douglas Barnes is C-Capture’s Senior Scientist and leads the company’s chemistry lab at our Leeds, UK facility.

He completed both his MChem and PhD studies at the University of Leeds and now brings over a decade of experience of CO2 research to the technical team. Having started with C-Capture in 2011, he now has responsibility for all aspects of our solvent technology development, optimisation and production as we commercialise the technology for existing applications whilst continuing to make improvements for the future.
Gergely Jakab

Gergely Jakab is a physical organic chemist and automation developer.

He has spent 2 years at the Chemical Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where he worked as an assistant research fellow. Later, he moved to Germany to complete his PhD on organocatalysis at the Justus-Liebig-University. His work mainly focused on physico-chemical aspects of catalysis and he gained relevant experience in equilibrium acidity measurements and reaction kinetic investigations. He obtained his MSc degree in chemistry from the Eötvös University, Budapest
Duncan Holdsworth

Duncan Holdsworth is a Senior Process Engineer at C-Capture Ltd.

He has a breadth of experience covering world scale process plant design, from feasibility study to commissioning and start-up, and skill in new process development from lab scale to industrially operational plant. Duncan achieved his MEng in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield and started his industrial career at Davy Process Technology Ltd where he specialised in SNG (Substitute Natural Gas) process design and commissioning, in addition to other synthesis gas (Syngas) based technologies. He then joined Johnson Matthey where he led the engineering group of the Water Technologies business where he managed the design and development of advanced ion exchange process from lab scale to industrial deployment.
Dave Lawlor

Dave Lawlor is an Engineer with five years diverse experience.

He has worked with market leaders Bausch and Lomb and Kingspan where he was responsible for the chemicals on site, batch blending and monitoring and improving production. Dave then took a role at the University of Leeds, where he worked on a number of cutting edge projects in the Engineering department focusing on the area of energy storage. He also managed numerous research labs at the University and has extensive experience designing, building and testing lab scale projects, some of which have dealt with high/low temperature pressurised CO2.
James Kitson

James Kitson is Commercialisation Manager for Physical Sciences and Engineering at the University of Leeds.

He is responsible for the identification, development and commercial exploitation of academic research and is involved in a range of early stage spin out opportunities. He is an Environmental Scientist with a first class degree from the University of Bradford and prior to joining Leeds he worked in the water industry for 8 years at Yorkshire Water. He started as a graduate trainee and then undertook a variety of Research and Development roles across the business. This included project managing numerous R&D projects and then managing the company’s overall research programme which gave him excellent knowledge and experience in the scale up and successful implementation of fundamental science. Latterly he managed a large of team of project managers delivering a multi-million capital investment programme across R&D, IT, Fleet and other areas.

Robert Trezona

Robert Trezona has been working in technology venture for 9 years, focusing on cleantech and materials opportunities.

He has experience both as an investor, as a manager of start-ups and as a strategy consultant. Prior to joining IP Group in 2011, he was Head of Research and Development at the Carbon Trust, where he set up their “Research Challenge” technology venturing initiative, which created and capitalised innovative companies in advanced photovoltaics, second-generation biofuels and fuel cells. He started his career in fuel cells working for Johnson Matthey and then as the leader of the materials and process development teams at Ceres Power, which listed on AIM in 2004. He has also worked as a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Company, where he focused on strategy and operations in the energy, technology and materials sectors. He has a triple First and a PhD from the University of Cambridge and won the 1996 Goldsmiths Prize as the top Cambridge graduate in Materials Science.